VSM to improve TREASURY - A tool to better visualize the improvement opportunities !

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

As you know an organization who implement Continuous improvement, will :

Continuously improve it performances (Axis 0 of OPEX Assessement) by promoting the change toward a sustainable self improving organisation (Axis 1), developping a problem thinking culture (Axis 2), being focus on the empowerment of its team members (Axis 3), and continuously optimizes is value chains "to better satisfy its customers (Axis 4)

Treasury departement call us to accompany them on this fourth axis, with a simple need : "How we could reduce the time needed for the "liquidation ICO/HCO" process to better satisfy our customers"

We accompany them during 2 days of VSM (Value strem mapping) : an adapted tools to systematically detect wastes in a process and to identify the improvement opportunities (problems). It's a kind of "radar" to detect wastages

We mapped the current situation, making clear the problems and wastages, we decided the targeted process for 1 to 2 years and we wrote action plan to achieve ideal mapping, that we will follow during futur routines

Current situation is 80 hours, ideal situation we can achieve is 34 hours !

Let's do it !, Tks all for your collaboration

Here i share the google slide of the 2 days WS

Here the link to the VSM competency

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