VSM to improve our supply - A tool to better visualize the improvement opportunities !

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

From the time of SELECTION to the time of the FINAL VALIDATION OF THE RECEPTION into our warehouses, what are all the different steps to follow ? what are the tools used to support this value creation and overall what are the main opportunities of improvement ?

The best experts collaborated together during 2 days workshop to map the value chain creation in our supply. They turned the complexity easy to understand for all thanks to a simple mapping !

The output of the workshop has been set on a digital tool to enable a good follow up of the actions !

Outputs of the workshop :

- One great skill matrix enabling everyone to understand who are the referent for every part of the process

- A digital map of the process on lucidchart collaboration

- 50+ problems classified that are at first huge improvement opportunities

- A first draft of the vision for the process with few drivers

Thanks all for your collaboration !

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