The Gemba Walk Auto-Learning is now READY !

You ever heard about Gemba walk, but what it is, is not very clear for you ?

You would like to know more about : Meaning ?, What is it ?, Why we use it ? Objective ? From where to choose the topics ? and the 3 key Phases for a successful Gemba Walk ?

You are Luky !!!

From now we propose you an Auto Learning with 4 videos, where you will find answers that you can assimilate at your own pace

Where to find its ?

Go on the Competency (CIPD) page HERE

And have a look on the 4 videos, from the first one on the left (song introduction) to the last one on the right (What are Mudo, Mura, Muri)

After this auto learning, if you want to go deeper, we can organize a full day training, or a half day workshop, on the field to practice and build with you, your own Gemba Walk Routines.

Tks, and do not hesitate to give feedbacks to improve

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