Testimony - OPEX Auto-Assessement Learnings ?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Audrey Leplat & Grégoire Bargibant, CI Relays in RFID Team share with us their experience of doing OPEX Auto Assessement (Normaly Assessement is done by Assessors, but because they were super motivated to start, and no Assessors avaialble, they did it by them-selves with their team :15)

  • Their motivations

  • How they did it

  • Tips

  • Benefits

  • Learnings/Difficulties

  • Their next steps

You want to know more about OPEX Assessement => Check our Learning #CICA

You want to go Deeper on Assessement Preparation => Here is our standard

For any questions please contact CI France Team => ci.france@dcathlon.ci

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