Updated: Mar 12, 2020

During 2 full days, RFID Team take time to write their 3 YEARS PROJECTS.

Strategies, Tactics, and their actions (Missions) are now perfectly aligned, allowing everybody to move toward the same Objective and living the same Purpose.

This Job is link to the CI Know how #CIEP

But to write a project is not enough ! Like a pilote drive a plan, in order to drive their project they need KPI's. They also clearly defined them by building their KPI TREE : Strategical and tactical ones, and Operationnal one's. This Job is link to the CI Know how #CIPT

For each KPI's they are now defining ROUTINES in which to review its (Team meeting, Individual meetings, Stand Up Meetings) in order to structure the communication and permit to increase the responsiveness of the organization. This Job is link to the CI Know how #CICR

It is not perfect, but they started, it is the most important

If you want to do like RFID team, do not hesitate to contact us

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