OPEX Workshop for FID Vietnam!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

We got our OPEX roadmap for FID Vietnam !

Few months ago an OPEX assessment has been done on the perimeter of Footwear Vietnam in order to evaluate our current situation in terms of Operational Excellency.

The result was D42%.

We organized a workshop with all the leaders of the process in order to first share the results and the key difficulties. Then in a second time we agreed on a target level to achieve by 2019 and at the end of our Ambition Project, 2022.

The third step was the most challenging. By group we worked on the 4 axis in order to define the target to reach for each chapters, the action plan along with leaders and deadlines to achieve them.

It last 1 full day but at the end we had the full roadmap to reach our defined target and we agreed on a common routine to follow it!

We are now confident to continuously improve towards Operational Excellency!

PS: Thank you Tina Wang for the roadmap standard ;-)

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