OPEX Journey in Korrun 2017-2019

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

May 2019, Korrun's OPEX assessment got level B 72%.

Lots of people have questions about how we make it.

This article i summarized some key learning from this journey to you.

CI culture boosted in Korrun since 2015 with Decathlon:

1st Korrun OPEX assessment was taken in 2016 July.

I separated this journey into 3 periods since i involved into this journey.

Here shows the difference between 3 period:

If your target in OPEX is level B, which means we do not only set standards to stable performance, but also need to create systematic way to improve.

With a good methodology is not enough, we need systematic management ways to ensure the target realized.

In short, i summarized 3 key elements in this journey, hope it will help you.


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