Leader Gemba Walk Launched in Accessory Process, Congrat Yassir !

For 2 month now, Yassir (Accessory Process Leader) Launched Leader Gemba Walk on his Field



Every Monday at 11am (self appointment in Google Calendar)

  1. Choose a Topic from Project priorities or from Biggest problems detected or shared in different routines implemented (KPI review, Stand Up Meetings, Team meetings, Individual meetings

  2. Then according to the Topic, he select, the right person to meet/interview and he sends an appointment (from 15 min to 30 min : "it is always easy to find during the week, cause it is short duration") during the week with title : Gemba walk on "Topic", Teammate knows the topic and is prepared

Then he goes on the FIELD the process is always the same, 3 main questions :

  1. "I am here to dig out such project priority/probleme"

  2. "Can you explain to me your contribution/rôle on it"

  3. "How can i help you to go ahead on this priority/overpass this problem, i am here for you"


  • Understand what is really happening on field to make the decision : "i know how it is working, what really happen"

  • I go straigth : to the topics, to the person (one to one discussion benefits), to the issues, no need to wait for a specifique routine like SUM. I have more informations than during a SUM

  • I go DEEP on topics, i can detect difficulties, pbs but also good practice and accelerate the sharing

  • We are in immediate decisions, actions, solving

  • It allow me to Coach and Developp my Teammates : Until now, the 3 main root causes of problems or priorities not going one i found during these 2 months are :

  • =>Leader expectations/priorities not clear for teammates

  • =>Lake of communication or communication issues btw Teammates

  • =>Wrong task prioritizationQuick and efficient : 15 to 30 min

  • It allow me to Spread the CI culture (data thinking, probleme thinking, work with standards)


  • To continue with discipline this routine

  • To improve my skills on "questionning" and challenging teammates to think different

So if  you want to know more about Leader Gemba Walk, Go on our Skill Web page -#CIPD - and have a look on the auto learning

And if like Yassir you want to implement it, we can accomapny you

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