Human development in Gemba Walk system

#Leader's accompany in Gemba Walk

Since 2 years, Gemba walk system established @Taihua

- Use Decision Tree to finalized the Gemba system

- Totally 15 Gemba walk routine fixed and leaded by 6 PL + supplier team.

- Each topic with a clear objective to answer each Strategic Axis of "HUI" project.

- The 16th Gemba Walk is leaded by Leader to accompany each teammate's Gemba walk process (1 coaching every 2 weeks)

>30 coachings have been driven YTD, both teammates and Leader feel powerful and cherish the time spent together.

Leader's role during the accompany:

Coach teammates' skill & behavior to develop their competency + final performance.

Video Link:

Main tasks before onsite coaching:

  1. Empower team take ownership of the project and define their passionate topics.

  2. Review with team for each Gemba standard (process, route, questions... )

  3. Co-validate the methodology of each Gemba (the logic to achieve objective)

During coaching onsite:

  1. Review progress/difficulties of the topic

  2. Observe Teammates gemba + debrief process and record down the good points and points for future improvement

  3. Interview of supplier team for gemba effectiveness and gemba leader skill improvement

  4. Debrief with teammate and define action plans

By a conclusion of the practices done, here with a sum up of all the materials of the

Gemba Walk system deployed @Taihua and the Human Development during the process. In below link you can find the

SOLUTION KIT to explain "HOW" :

PPT material, Presentation, Video to demonstrate the process, Gemba topics, Templates for each topic, feedback... Wish to inspire and enjoy your implementation:)