How to transform our Organizations for sustainable performance ?

The health crisis has accelerated the changes

Digital structures have stepped up their lead over the old economy.

Decathlon is at a crossroads and We must continue our Transformation

we have all become aware of the challenges, many new good practices are appearing

but how to transform ourselves sustainably ?

How to put into action the 'transformers' we are for a sustainable performance ?

Luckily we have solutions

The Operational Excellence defined by Decathlon is part of the agile solutions at the service of our Project.

What is Operational Excellence (OPEX) ?

It is the bias of a company whose objective is to be SUSTAINABLY more consistent and efficient than its competitors.

Decathlon has created its own evaluation grid, it has been used by our largest suppliers for several years with success.

But what about our OWN organization?

What is our capacity to transform ourselves?

where are we ? where do we want to go ? how do we want to get there?

Thanks to Xavier and Arnaud, the 2 creators of this unique analysis grid :

like the GPS needed to drive the change… to define our roadmap

This grid asks us 5 simple questions :

  • Does the Organization continuously improve its performance ? better than the competition ?

  • What has been put in place in terms of management to implement continuous improvement ?

  • What is in place in the Organization for detection, and sorting, problem solving ?

  • What has the Organization set up to ensure that the teammates commitment to the company ?

  • the customers first ... what is the company set up to adjust its Organization closer to the needs of customers, and continuously optimize its processes ?

Through these simple questions, the OPEX grid analyzes 35 situations (Project, Dashboard, Meeting, Transparency, Standard, Capitalization, Feedback, Flow, Competence ...)

We have more and more interlocutors, projects, requests, the multiplication of interactions makes our work complex. We realized that we had to be AGILE.

If you are interested, we, OPM CI (Operational Process Manager - Continuous Improvement) are at your disposal to help you better understand the concept and make you autonomous in the practice of Operational Excellence ;)

To be useful to people and their planet

Here below some usefull link to go deeper :

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