How to put in place a strong sytem to drive improvement plan after OPEX assessment ?

After 2019 Opex Assessment, Bikes process put in place a strong organization to reach the target of C59% at the end of 2020. First step was to nominate Eric NEF as CI Project Leader.

Eric structured a team of 7 project leaders for the 7 big topics to work this year. These 7 project leaders work with CI relays (BU relays and Job relays). Each project leader has defined a roadmap which is monthly debrieffed with the Bikes CI network ...

To know more about this sytem, you can visit the webpage (HERE) dedicated to Bikes CI project. Strusture, roles, routines, roadmaps are described there.

You want to know more about OPEX Assessement => Check our Learning #CICA

For any questions please contact CI France Team =>

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