How to have efficient meetings by remote ???

Since beginning of this week, french people have to stay at home to continue working because of corona virus.

One of the key point to keep our activity going on is our capatcity to have efficient remote meetings.

Because Continuous Team have stand up meetings and every two month CI Network meetings by remote, we have defined some tips and rules to manage these meetings in an efficient way as the process, the roles, rules of the game ...

Here is a sum up of our learnings.

And if you want to go deeper on "working together anywhere", here is an interesting website (collaborationsuperpowers) dedicated to remote meetings with a special focus on Covid-19 crisis (tools, templates, tips …) .

To go deeper on "How to manage a stand up meeting" , visit our website : #CICR skillpage

Let’s keep moving and take the opportunity to make things differently.

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