Updated: Sep 14, 2020

After sessions of CIMF trainings, i always wonder how to put in place some actions in order to help teams to put in place some concrete actions to look for their Problems, then I made a test with Heavy Stitching VN and it worked well. What we did ? We organized 2.5h workshop to go DEEP in CIMF as below

- A refresh on CI definition

- A refresh on AV and NAV but necessary

- A refresh on 8 wastages for physical flow AND Information flow

Physical flow: useful for all , PLQ

Information flow: useful for SPL, PLID

Workshops done during this training: 1. Ask team to write all tasks done by subject: Q-ID S, then ask team to classify AV or NAV

2. Ask team to list out list of Wastages facing until now and choose 3 Wastages to work out in next month

3. Advice each team to do " Monthly Problem Hunting Routine": time to look back and treat recurrent or complexe problems

Results obtained: => Give energy to team - Can review basic CI know-how => Team understood and see concretely how to apply to daily job, especially SPL Examples of wastages voted by group: 1. Loosing time to find correct or available info on Gdrive => Action: Re-define logic for Gdrive 2. Loosing time while participating to sudden meeting or not well prepared.

In the last photo, you'll have the facilitation steps for this workshop if you wish to try. Minh Tri,

One goes quicker Together we go farer

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