How a country start OPEX Journey from zero?

Here are 2 tips :

1. rom point to line, then is surface.

When launching a kaizen case, ideally procedure is from "point" to "line" then is "surface", at the end, you well implement in each corner.

2. Well follow PDCA mindset.

Follow your vision of this plan, for example OPEX, well planning and organizing the project-"P", then is practice practice and practice-"D", during this journey set up a routine to review progress-"C", then is adapt actions-"A".

DPTW OPEX Journey start in 2019, from one Partner(point), inspire 11 KAS (line), when inspired more and more PL, then we implemented in Decathlon Production team(Surface), at the end, we well copy CI/OPEX mindset in every one, every thing, and every where.

Here comes the project launching video regarding how we inspire 11 KAS, we still using this OPEX material to welcome more supplier join and build their OPEX journey.

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