Gemba Walk Q&A Time on 21th of July

Hello all,

Gemba Walk is an incredible Management Routine allowing Leaders to understand the real situation, detect good practices, detect problems & wastages on the field (Factory, Offices, IT Tools...wherever the Job is done, the value is created), by Coaching attitude

In this periode of Covid, it is difficult to be trained or coached on this Know How

It is the Reason why i propose you a 2 hours Q&A on Gemba Walk on the 21th of July from 8am to 10am French Time by remote

If you are interested in, please register HERE

Who can participate ?

Anyone who have questions about Gemba Walk

Anyone who have questions about Training CIPD = Set Problem Detection routine

You practice and have difficulties/Questions ?

You master and want to give 2 hours to share your Experience, answer to Questions ?


If you want to know more about #CIPD or just to refresh your knowledge, before th 21st do not hesitate to look at the autolearning video on DA Here

See you on 21st


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