Discovering the power of strong routines with Bags & Electronics Processes

2 processes have recently achieved the mapping of their routines and succeeded in improving their existing routines thanks to the 7 elements . They have also created some missing routines.

Thanks to the strong involvement and encouragement of their leader : Thomas Fremaux for Electronics & Romain Baillivet for Bags, teams have discovered the power of routine management.

100% of Electronics teams have been trained in one day face-to-face sessions using digital tools (required by covid- linked measures) whereas Bags teams have experienced 100% digital training in 6 sessions of 1 hour.

Those teams join Accessories & Protek processes in the mastering management of the routines

CIPC is a key skill for all industry stakeholders.

Find out more information and register for the next sessions directly on Decathlon Academy or get in touch with a member of the team

Bags Routines

7 key elements of a routine

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