【Stock Management】 Visual management Part 1

Concept of Visual management

Visual management refers to the management method that directly produces the conclusion of "right" or "wrong" after collecting information through five senses and using the brain to make simple judgment (non-logical thinking).The biggest advantage of this method is that it is direct and fast, so it is widely used by modern manufacturing enterprises. In a nutshell, visual management is a management method that can be understood by the eyes rather than by the brain.

Signification of Visual management

In our daily activities, we perceive things through the "five senses" (sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste).One of the most commonly used is "visual communication". According to statistics, 60 percent of the information people receive in daily life starts from the perception of "visual communication". Therefore, various management states and clear management methods are emphasized in enterprise management, so that employees can fully understand autonomously and achieve "at a glance", so that they are easy to understand and comply with, so that employees can accept and consciously perform all kinds of work.

Function of Visual management

1. Make it clear where you are being managed;2. It is easy to know whether it is normal or not, and anyone can point it out;3. Recognize normal and abnormal from a distance;

4. Anyone is equally convenient, easy to comply with, and easy to change;5. Helps make the workplace clean and bright;

6. Contributes to a pleasant and safe environment;7. Create a place of employee and customer satisfaction.

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