【Stock Management】 Layout design

为什么我们需要设计 Layout? Why do we need to design the Layout

为了满足客户需求 In order to satisfy customer needs

安全与健康的工作环境 Safety and healthy working environment

柔性 Flexibility

品质 Quality

交期 Delivery

总成本 Total cost

哪个布局设计好, 哪个设计不好? 为什么?

Which layout is good? Which layout is bad? Why

什么是精益布局设计 – 定义

Definition of lean layout


Lean layout design refers to a series of activities (or processes) that meet customer needs in the safest and most efficient way by organizing manufacturing resources, including equipment, machines, materials, energy, personnel, and information

什么是精益布局设计 – 原则

Principle of Lean layout design

精益布局设计 – 总览

Lean layout design-Overview

More information about Factory Layout in DMW:


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