Address Top leaders awareness on their organization management system

Sens : Culture transformation can come only if leaders willingness is strong

Fix regular systematic appointments with the leading team to develop the skills
To inspire and grow up the competencies, encourage auto learning process : Offer books, good articles, share links toward good websites, videos...
Encourage community networking : Partners days, local industrial associations, local consultants...
Organize benchmark tours to boost curiosity & interest
Be solution provider. Focus your actions to solve their main problems

Sens : Continuous improvement culture starts with accumulated improvements at first, then become systematic  improvement process

Each quickwin action is an opportunity to change leaders believes

Sens : lean on the WS results to demonstrate to leaders that Sustainable & systematic improvements can only be the consequence of the  management process

Turn the situation to unbearable

Sens :Leaders need to have serious reasons to decide to change their company culture

Evaluate Top leaders awarness, understandings and competencies on CI culture