CI Learning Offer Mapping

Our offer is structured with Responsabilities, in which there is skills. To master a Skill you have to master Know hows

Axis 1 : Lead the change toward Operational Excellence culture 

Lead toward CI Culture

To master the fundamental of Continuous Improvement [CIMF]

How to drive the culture change? [CICG]

To promote problem thinking culture [CIPC]

Understand OPEX Assessment grid (CICA)

Guide progress thanks to OPEX

Monitor your progress on the base of your assessment (CICA)

Be an assessor (BAA)

Master the OPEX Assessment process

I set my project and manage it

Be able to build your project (CIEP)

Set the indicator & their routines (CIPT)

Axis 3 : Empower people into the CI culture

Set in place an idea collection system  [CIEK]

Deploy the 5S into my organization [CIPS]

Engage the many in CI culture

Manage competencies

Set the competencies management routines [CIEC]

Link to Decathlon Academy skill page

Only auto-learning

Skill / Know how leaders


Axis 2 : Create a strong problem thinking culture in my organisation

Set Cascading SUM

Lead an effective Stand Up Meeting [CICR]

Set Pb detection routine

Set the 'problem detection' routines & tools [CIPD]

Deploy Decathlon Pb Solving

Know & apply methodological know-how to lead a problem resolution [DPS]

Axis 4 : Promote the continuous optimization of the global value chain

Be able to map the process value chain and detect wastes and problems using VSM tool. I can set the improvement routines [CIOV]

Be able to map the supply chain and detect wastes and problems by using VSD tool. I set in place the improvement tools

Set value chain improvement