What is CI ?

‘Continuous Improvement' is about setting a Management* System that engages everyone in a systematic improvement process towards operational excellence to better satisfy our customer'
*A Management System is a set of values, routines and tools that leads to expected behaviors and way of doing. 
"We make sports accessible to the many", our Decathlon motto.

To honor this purpose requires to constantly seek for perfection in all operations ! From the collection of customers needs to their satisfaction, each step of the product life need to be optimized  : Design, development, Indus, manufacturing, logistic, retail….

Decathlon business model is relying on our ability to be excellent all along the value chain, for always more satisfied customers !

‘Perfection is a never ending journey’

As everything in the world around us is always changing, excellence can not be a fix static situation. To tend toward operational excellence means to constantly renew the way of doing. Setting a continuous improvement culture is about setting an organization that will permit to SYSTEMATICALLY identify & eliminate operations &  tasks that are not bringing added value to the final customers. 

This never ending journey requests rigor & creativity

People at the heart of Decathlon

‘God is in the details ! ‘

Many leaders make the confusion between IMPROVEMENT and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT : CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT is about optimizing everyday, everywhere in every process, in every location... Target is to be able to kill each single very small problem, every small irritant before it turn big. This never ending task can be successful only thanks to each one natural commitment. 

Continuous Improvement  is not the business of a limited number of experts, It is a company culture matter involving everyone at each level of the organization. It is about committing everyone to identify every small opportunity of improvement in a natural way. 

Culture is the fruit of the management system

To set continuous improvement culture will not come just from hopes, incantations or even magic spells. Culture is a set of behaviors, shared values and ways of doing that characterize one organization. Culture change is a conscious act that need to be organized and driven  !

A company culture is shaped by its management system. Management system is a set of systematic management habits (routines) supported by tools and process. All that 'system' will create the conditions for all to change. Changing the management process will encourage expected behaviors & ways of doing, so the culture of the company. And the good consequence of the culture change will be the sustainable improvement of the performances. 

If you want to change your company culture toward CI, create the conditions of the change in your organization and review your management system !

This culture change is what we expect to lead in Decathlon Industrial division. In parallel, our second objective is of course to inspire and guide our partners & suppliers in the same journey so that thanks to this strong new culture, we are able to actively contribute to the Decathlon project !