To promote the visual management to  turn abnormalities visible [CIPV]

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To reach operational excellency, we are obliged to remove all the abnormalities in our organisation.

We must turn them visible, in order that everyone in the organisation could see and manage them accordingly and systematically.

The main stake is to find the way to involve everyone to set in place of all mistake proof visuals: boosting employees ownership feeling , setting a visual factory will contibute to set in place the continuous improvement culture.

But do you know all the ways to make it visible? Are you aware of certain routines that allow you to do it sytematically?


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This is a 1 day workshop, based on some concepts refresh about visual management and it's benefits. Using 5S has a process to involve everyone in the identification and building up of standards. Visual Management helps to create the culture of problems.

This workshop is a the right opportunity to refresh your knowleadge about visual management importance and the culture of make problems visible to all.


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