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Implementing Continuous Improvement culture consists in implementing a strong collective problems thinking culture. Progress is coming from the organization ability to deal with all its small problems in a systematic process.

Boost the culture of the problems in your organization thanks to the set of adapted management routines for detecting, addressing and solving the problems. " CIPT - How to choose correct indicators for my activity" is on the step of detecting problems


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You can decide to validate your skill by yourself if you consider you master it.

To help you to evaluate your level, you can use our Self Evaluation Form (SEF).

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Auto Learning / Best practices

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Workshop & coaching

It's a 4h workshop designed to do it within one team. The outputs of the workshop will be:
- Clear understanding of KPI : Operationel/ Tactic / Strategy
- Clear understanding of KPI & KR
- List of concrete indicators  to monitor the team performances + example of visual Indicators
- Clear understanding on composition of 1 visual board (Indicators / Problem / Action ). Concreate example of 1 VB


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