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Problems are the engine for improvement, but are you able to see them?

The problem life cycle is consists of Detecting, Sorting, Solving...

CIPD knowhow is focusing on Problem Detection Routines: Gemba walk, Ohno circle.. (the systematic management practices on the field to see the daily problems), which belongs to the 1st stage "Detecting".

By mastering this skill, you will be able to Improve your awareness and competency to see the problems, which is the precondition to boost the efficiency for performance.


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You can decide to validate your skill by yourself if you consider you master it.

To help you to evaluate your level, you can use our Self Evaluation Form (SEF).

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What is Gemba?


CI - Gemba Walk


Learn more about Manufacturing field with the DMW

Gemba walk

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Workshop & coaching

This is a 1 day's workshop, focusing on how to build up your competency on problem detection on the field.

There are some preconditions to attend this workshop:

- Understand the CI basis. (CIMF)

- Trained on CIPC. (Problem Culture) 

- Ideally, the trainee number needs to be even, 6 is the best, no more than 8.

This workshop is a perfect opportunity to review this knowledge and to dig out some key learnings.


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