To analyze a value chain using Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Method [CIOV]

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A Value Stream Mapping is a collaborative method to detect wastes in an organization and to identify opportunities to improve (problems)..


It uses standard symbols to highlight the added value and non-added value steps for the customer in order to remove them from the existing flow.


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Auto Learning / Best practices

Auto learnings

What is the sens of CI in Decathlon ?

Muda, Mura & Muri (manufacturing wastes)

G+ Good Practices

What is Value?

SMART Targets

Learning to See - Value Stream Mapping to Add Value and Eliminate Muda

Example of Value Chain Optimization

Inspiration from Supply team

Learn more about Manufacturing field with the DMW

Value chain mapping

Continuous Flow

Cycle Time Calculation


Workshop & coaching

This 3 days workshop is a mix of pedagogical exercises and real applications on the field. 

The pedagogical steps will be first to understand the current situation of the organization and opportunities to improve. In a second time, to define the Vision and to write the Roadmap. And finally, to practice on the field and to build the routines.

To be efficient, it is a must for the participants to be autonomous (Level 3) on CIMF Skill.

As a preparation, the following points will be asked;

- Team/Factory Project along with strategies.

-  Top Management introduction about difficulties of the factory and expectations from a VSM Workshop.

- Last OPEX assessment report (if done).

- each participant experiment the Self Evaluation Form before the workshop.


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