To master the Fundamental of Continuous Improvement [CIMF]

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(François DELAUNOY)

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The sense of Decathlon is to make sport accessible for the many. 

To reach this target, we all have to be more and more efficient every day, eliminating wastes, problems and everything that is not really needed. 

But are we really able to see wastes, problems ? Are we able to set up a "system" to improve sustainably, independantly of the people ?


Evaluate your skill

You can decide to validate your skill by yourself if you consider you master it.

To help you to evaluate your level, you can use our Self Evaluation Form (SEF).

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Auto Learning / Best practices

Auto learnings

What is LEAN ? 


What is CI in Decathlon

What is VALUE? 


What is a waste?


Internal and External Customer (3'12'')

Learn more about Manufacturing field with the DMW

Customer oriented

Visual factory

Gemba walk


Workshop & coaching

This is a 1 day workshop, 100% based on practices.

Before attending to this workshop, it is absolutely necessary to know some basis of continuous improvement contained in previous section.

This workshop's aim is to practice this knowledge and to dig out some key learnings.


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