To promote the competency management [CIEC]


The world is changing faster and faster.
We must adapt ourselves every day to offer the best solution to our customers.
This implies for each of us to re-new, to re-train to take the best decision and guarantee the Group's performance.

Knowing how to manage competence becomes essential for all of us.

How to become instructor 



Evaluate your skill

You can decide to validate your skill by yourself if you consider you master it.

To help you to evaluate your level, you can use our Self Evaluation Form (SEF).

Self Evaluation form


Auto Learning / Best practices

Inspiring Document & Video

From training to active learning

Skill level linked to performance


How works a skill matrix  ?


How to use the skill matrix for PTM

Learn more about Manufacturing field with the DMW

Learning system

Development of people is at the heart of human strategy

Multiskill management

Skill evaluation


Workshop & coaching

This half day workshop is a mix of pedagogical exercises and real applications 


Output of the workshop:
1- Clear understanding of Skill-management global logic
2- Create your own Skill-matrix & related skill level indicator
3- Create your standard and routine to debrief skill level of your team

We can organize a customized training for your team. 


Trainer material

Instructor list

& evaluation

Steering committee