To manage your Stand Up Meeting [CICR]

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Problems are the engine for improvement.

The problem life cycle is consists of Detecting, Sorting, Solving...

CICR knowhow is focusing on Problem Review Routine (a Stand Up management practice to deal with the daily problems), which belonging to the 2nd stage "Sorting".

By mastering this skill, you will be able to Improve your awareness and competency on Stand Up Meeting process to boost the efficiency for performance.


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You can decide to validate your skill by yourself if you consider you master it.

To help you to evaluate your level, you can use our Self Evaluation Form (SEF).

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Auto Learning / Best practices

Inspiring Videos

The 5 main steps of a Lean mgr (6'15") 

Daily Stand Up Meetings


Holacracy tactical meeting (19'17") 

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Workshop & coaching

This is a 4 hours' workshop, 100% focusing on dealing with the difficulties during your previous practices.

There is some preconditions to attend this workshop:

- Understand the CI basis. (CIMF)

- Trained on CIPC. (Problem Culture) 

- The trainee should be from 1 team + their Leader

- The team should already lead a SUM for at least 10 times

If trained already on CIPT(Data Thinking) will be mandatory.

This workshop is a perfect opportunity to review this knowledge and to dig out some key learnings.


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