How to drive the culture change? [CICG]

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'Continuous Improvement' is about setting a Management System* that engage everyone in 

systematic improvement of the working process towards operational excellence to better satisfy our customers.

The ability to drive the change toward a strong continuous improvement culture is an ESSENTIAL skill for all leaders & referents of course. 

You will find in this page all information to enable you to lead the change in your own organization or in your partners one. 


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How to implement CI in your organization 

Guiding toward opex - macro process


3 min Funny video

from Ariston demonstrating what is the purpose to transform its organization toward operational excellence

4 min video to review the key success to lead a culture change

4 pages article 

Key ingredients to gain more from less

Change management - Kotter theory explanation (in french only)

TOP 5 CI culture implementation challenges

BOC CI project

5 hours Change management Wshop 


Workshop & coaching

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