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To progress in Continuous Improvement implementation, such as for any journey, you need to know your current position, define your destination, and finally build your roadmap.


For any organization (factory, office....), the OPEX Assessment answers to these needs and will be your GPS towards Operational Excellence.


In order to support organizations in their journey towards Operational Excellence, you must be familiar with the content of this reference and develop your ability to use it.


Additionally, by developing your assessor skill (QAD), you can become an OPEX Assessor.


Evaluate your skill

You can decide to validate your skill by yourself if you consider you master it.

To help you to evaluate your level, you can use our Self Evaluation Form (SEF).


Self Evaluation form

OPEX Assessor Evaluation Form


Auto Learning / Best practices

OPEX Assessment Grid

OPEX assessment 

Grid V10 (ENG)

Factories &/or Offices activities

OPEX assessment 

Grid V10 (CN) Factories &/or Offices Activities

OPEX Assessment Gemba Walk Template

Gemba Walk

Template 1

Gemba Walk 

Template 2 

OPEX Assessment Introduction 

Lean Assessment


OPEX Assessment Presentation


Learn more about Manufacturing field with the DMW

OPEX assessment routine in Factory

Good practices sharing

How to commit your supplier to use OPEX as a guiding tool to improve


Visual Book


Workshop & coaching

During a 2 days workshop, you’ll go through all the steps of an assessment in an organization:

  • Alignment on the sense of the Operational Excellence

  • Practice of the Assessment (Gemba Walk preparation, practice, Evaluation, Report)

  • Definition of the Target

  • First actions & piloting.

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