Sens : Follow the PDCA process to spread the good practices

Deploy the new ways-of-doing in the whole organization
- Identify the first application perimeter (=dot). Select the location where the conditions are gathered to success (right people, means, motivations...)
- Fix the first WS details. Clear what are the requested ressources & competencies to drive the first application trial
- Clear what are the KPI & the target for the project
- Teach by doing
- Establish the follow up routines for the 'after workshop) 
Learn from your experience
- After the initial launching workshop, check that the sustain & improvement routines are well established
- Demonstrate the WS benefits  (with KPI choosen in Plan part) 
- Take advantage of the first WS to identify what are the success factors

Not Ok duplication

Ok duplication

- Evaluate the necessaries resources & competencies 
- Organize the spreading plan at all company level (line then surface)